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Sunday, January 4

Convergence: Part 4 – Ameley Goods

They entered a huge kitchen, which smelled pleasantly of cinnamon, flour, black walnuts, and orange extract. The bakery was well equipped with double sinks, a walk-in refrigerator, several ovens, several immense white enamel storage cabinets, a dough-kneading machine, and a large array of other appliances. The middle of the room was occupied by a long, wide counter, the primary work area; one end of it had a shiny stainless-steel top, and the other end had a butcher's block surface. The stainless-steel portion was stacked high with pots, cupcake and cookie trays, baking racks, Bundt pans, regular cake pans, and pie tins, all clean and bright. The entire kitchen gleamed.

On the other side of the piled cookware, in the middle of the butcher's-block counter, lay a large disk of pie dough. A wooden rolling pin rested on the dough.

"AAH!" shouted Guppy, pointing.

Two hands gripped the ends of the rolling pin. Two severed, human hands.

Jim-Bean sighed. "Anyone want to bet what's in the ovens?" [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 12:13 PM

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