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Monday, January 5

Convergence: Part 5 – Merle's Shut-Eye Motel

Unlike the other rooms, the door was open.

"Was that door open before?" asked Oakley, trailing behind them. Guppy and Stu brought up the rear.

Hammer and Jim-Bean covered the entryway with their pistols. Jim-Bean peeked in.

A pile of objects was stacked on the bed in the center of the room.

"Looks like somebody's stolen loot," said Jim-Bean.

Hammer moved closer to inspect them. He could make out a gold tooth and buttons.

"This is very interesting," said Hammer. He eyed the two civilians. "Does any of this look like it belongs to people in town?"

Oakley pawed through the pile. "Yep." He held up a wedding ring. "This is Barry's," he said sadly. "It's got his wife's name on it, Laura."

"What the hell is a pacemaker doing in this stuff?" asked Guppy. "That should be inside somebody, right?" [MORE]


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