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Tuesday, January 6

Convergence: Part 6 – Calling for Backup

In the sheriff's station, Okaley tried the phone. He slammed the receiver back down. "Damn!"

"They have control of everything," said Guppy. "It won't work."

"You boys got them satellite phones, right?" asked Oakley. "Can't you call for the National Guard or something?"

Jim-Bean tested his cistron. There was some interference, but he could hear a faint dial tone.

He punched in Sprague's number. The reception was bad enough that his features did not flicker on screen, but he could hear him.


"Sprague?" said Jim-Bean. "We're in Groversville. There's some kind of plague, everyone's dead. We're requesting a quarantine."

"Quarantine?" More static. "Are you asking for a full quarantine—TSSSZZZHHHK—Copperfield?"

"Yes sir, we think that—"

A high pitched squeal cut him off. The other agents checked their cistrons. Nothing.

"Well that's that," said Jim-Bean.

"Now what?" asked Guppy.

"Now we wait," said Hammer. "We stay here until we can be sure that—"

The phone started ringing again.

This time the speakerphone went on by itself. All they could hear was buzzing.

"Ahhh, $#!+," said Oakley.

The lights went out. [MORE]


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