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Friday, January 9

Convergence: Part 9 – The Installation

Hammer, Jim-Bean, Guppy, and Adams entered. It was clear that Underhill had orders to let the agents go first.

All walls on the ground level have been reinforced with a sort of spray epoxy. The interior walls on the ground floor were removed, leaving a large, open area about sixty feet long by thirty feet wide. Within, a large number of strange instruments were spread about in disarray. The majority of the devices was too alien to be understood; lights, glows, pulsing bellows, and all sorts of bizarre apparatuses that had a weirdly fungal, biological look to them.

There was a large, enclosed vat with a hole on rent in its side, as if it were struck by a powerful force. Also scattered about the vat were …

Guppy backed away, hyperventilating.

“They’re dead, Guppy,” said Hammer. “Relax.”

The limbs of Grey bodies were twisted in odd ways.

“The one at GNN was supposed to be dead too,” said Jim-Bean.

Hammer shushed him. He wasn’t helping. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:02 AM

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