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Thursday, January 1

Hidden Greed: Part 2 – Night Attack

They were stationed at the North Wall, along with six other militia soldiers. It was a dark night, without moonlight. Torches were the only means of illumination beyond the walls.

Ilmarė scanned the horizon. “They’re coming.”

The ss’ressen blended in so well with the darkened vegetation that it looked as if the forest had come to life. Something whistled in the night air.

“Javelins!” shouted Vlad. “Down!”

They ducked as javelins flashed overhead.

The impromptu barricade shuddered from the force of ss’ressen tail and claw.

“They’re breaking through!” Vlad slid down off the ladder. “Get ready!”

Kham stood at the hole with two pistols out. “So am I allowed to shoot lizards or are you going to throw a hissy fit about that too?”

Vlad didn’t have time to respond. Eight ss’ressen burst through the hole and immediately scattered to the left and right.

“What the…” Vlad watched them go. “They’re not attacking?” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:20 AM

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