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Friday, January 2

Hidden Greed: Part 3 – Into the Hills

The moonless night made shadows seem larger than life along the hilltops. The flickering torchlight of Saeber in the distance provided the only illumination visible for leagues. North of the hills, the muggy scent of the Sulfurmarsh carried on the breeze. The chirping of frogs and insects buzzed around them.

After trudging through unending wetland and pools of mire that threatened to swallow whole their every step, the dense mangrove forest began to slightly thin out. In the far distance, floating, flickering lights were visible.

“That must be Calactyte’s tribe,” said Vlad.

In between the gnarled mangrove branches, the lights revealed themselves to be torches set at regular intervals, marking the edge of a settlement of sorts. Various pairs of ss’ressen guards stood roughly twenty feet from each other. Behind, the obscure shapes of structures showed the camp to in fact be a village of some kind.

Ilmarė sighed. “Yep. It’s a trap.”

“How do you know that?” asked Vlad.

“Because we’re surrounded.” [MORE]


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