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Sunday, January 4

Hidden Greed: Part 5a – Face Off

When they returned to the village of Saeber, it was clear the atmosphere had changed dramatically. The holes in the walls were patched and the smell of burning oil filled the air. Loud clangs of hammers on anvils drowned the sounds of the night. People flocked to and fro, carrying bundles of arrows, wood and rocks. They pulled wagons filled with hay and water skins. Saeber was preparing for war.

Vlad looked around. "Farmers, farriers, stable boys. These are no soldiers."

Walking through the streets confirmed the hopelessness of the situation. Even the women and children were helping, barricading doors and windows, collecting water and so on.

“Most have seen too many winters!" said Kham.

"Or too few,” added Ilmarė.

At the square, those in Saeber who had formal martial training gathered, while the leaders divided them into various groups. Lonnek stood somewhat to the side, speaking to a young boy.

“Look at them,” Kham shook his head. “They're frightened. I can see it in their eyes."

“As well they should be,” said Ilmarė. “They’re not match for a ss’ressen force.” [MORE]


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