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Thursday, January 29

Letter to Ad Age: Verizon Wireless Proves Bigotry Is Alive and Well

Just last week, a few of us at Ad Age headquarters were discussing the blatant stereotype parade on display in the Verizon Wireless spot below. Anyone who reads even a tenth of what I write on Ad Age and elsewhere knows I'm not overly sensitive or particularly politically correct. But even I thought the spot might as well have been called "Johnny Goomba, Can You Hear Me Now?" Then, last night, Ad Age received the following letter from Peter Fosco in Pennsylvania wondering just what the heck Verizon was thinking. [MORE]

Yes, this is offensive. It implies, at base, that Italian-Americans are all criminals, or related to criminals. However, when the media's love affair with the Mafia has been escalated to new heights (the Sopranos being the latest example), and Brooklyn-Italians seem to exemplify everyone with any Italian-American, anyone who finds it offensive is a humorous boob.

I also didn't find it funny when Bloomberg wanted two Sopranos actors to march in the Columbus Day parade.

Speaking as someone who has relatives (Carlo Tresca) murdered by the Mob, I don't find it funny.

I'm proud of my heritage. And I vote with my wallet. Duly noted, Verizon.


posted by Michael Tresca at 3:45 PM

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