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Saturday, January 31

Prince: Part 3 – Silent Force

A camera flashed in the room off to their right. Two crime scene photographers snapped pictures of a nude woman hanging from the ceiling.

“What’s she hanging from?” asked Caprice.

“Nothing,” said Gaston. “She’s not hanging by anything like chains, rope, or wire.”

The woman’s left hand was seamlessly fused into the plaster of the ceiling. Her arm was twisted and broken, obviously wrenched out of its socket but still attached to her body by muscle and skin. The floor of the room was filled with furniture fragments, but none of the furniture in the room was obviously damaged.

Jim-Bean wrinkled his nose. “What’s that smell?”

“Vomit,” said Gaston. “The officer who initially responded puked when he saw what was in the party room.”

They made their way to see what made the cop throw up. [MORE]


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