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Saturday, January 10

Songs: Part 1a – The Splintered Oak

For a brief moment, all of the patrons saw nothing before them. Then, from the center of the stage, sparkles of multicolored lights began to light the room with a soft glow. On stage stood perhaps the most beautiful woman any of them had ever seen. With ice-blue eyes and azure hair with streaks of white, she bore an almost angelic appearance. As she glided towards the front of the stage, her movements were both graceful and effortless, as if she were walking on clouds.

She smiled. “Hello my friends. I am Anulee Galen and here is my gift to all of you. I hope you enjoy it.”

With that, she turned and, with a wave of her hand, the lights in the room began to swirl slowly, changing colors periodically. She began her song, a crescendo of glory. Form that point on, the audience could only stare in awe.

“That’s not your mom, is it?” asked Kham.

Ilmarė practically snarled at him. “No.”

“So that’s got to be your sister. Older or younger?”


Kham whistled softly. “No wonder why you’re so bitter.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” [MORE]


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