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Sunday, January 11

Songs: Part 1b – The Splintered Oak

“Clear a table!”

Anulee let out a piercing scream. “Persius, my love, what have they done to you?”

Anulee rushed to her lover’s side with her two powerfully built Marokene bodyguards behind her. She grasped Persius’ hand as he was laid on the table.

“His wounds are bad,” said Sebastian. There was a deep gouge in Persius’ chest, severe swelling in his face, and his breathing grew slower and weaker. “Unless something is done quickly, he will not survive.”

Beldin popped a potion vial open and put it the elorii’s lips. “This should do it.”

Vlad burst the door open, carrying an unconscious Ilmarė. He laid her on the table next to Persius.

“We saved her just in time,” said Kham. “She’s hurt bad.”

As the curative effect took over, Persius turned his head weakly to look at Anulee. His left eye was swollen shut from the severe beating.

The man who brought him in began shouting for everyone to give the elves some room.

Persius turned his attention to Kuros, who was standing next to Anulee. He raised an enfeebled arm and pointed directly at Kuros. “Murderer!” He grit his teeth in rage and agony. “You tried to kill my friend, and you tried to do the same to me in order to take her from my heart!”

The strain proved too much for him. He passed out, his arm falling limply at his side. [MORE]


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