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Monday, January 12

Songs: Part 2a – The Questioning

Lady Sounshay met them at a private room in the local prison. When they arrived, Kuros’ screaming was still audible.

“I know that I originally asked your friends to help us with the goblin problem, but I fear this is a scandalous situation waiting to explode. Persius, in addition to being Anulee’s lover, is also an ambassador from the elorii of the Vastwood Forest nearby. I cannot afford armed conflict against the elves, especially since many still have the bitterness of their dead gods burning in their souls.”

“Tell me about it,” muttered Kham.

“Add to that the spike in the goblin threat and our resources are taxed beyond our means. Your reputations leave me confident that you will assist me. Kuros proclaims his innocence, but I have my doubts. Then again, anything is possible.”

“We will be glad to assist,” said Vlad.

Sounshay shook her had. “Not you. I need your help against the goblins. I meant your friends.”

“Oh,” Vlad looked startled. [MORE]


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