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Friday, January 16

Songs: Part 3 – Truth in a Shroud

Sebastian flashed her a sympathetic smile. “I understand. What happened between you and Venton?”

“We had a falling out. He does not have the kindest of souls. His son has apparently inherited his father’s temper.”

“What kind of falling out?” asked Beldin.

“I can say no more.”

“You can’t or you won’t?” asked Sebastian.

She didn’t respond.

“What made you come back from the Vastwood Forest?” asked Beldin.

“I felt renewed vigor to use the gift that Osalian gave me. I believe it’s my duty to bring happiness and hope to those that have little of either.”

Beldin and Sebastian looked at each other.

“And what makes you think Postrava lacks those two attributes?” asked Sebastian.

Anulee flashed a condescending smile. “Wherever there are humans, there will always be suffering.” [MORE]


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