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Saturday, January 17

Songs: Part 4 – The Goblinoid Ambush

It was clear that the forces of nature held sway along the sparsely traveled roadway. The verdant landscape of tall brush, towering oak trees and symphony of wildlife were constant reminders that the Vastwood Forest was a far cry from the crowded modern cities of Milandir.

“I don’t like the feel of this place,” said Sebastian.

Kham took in a deep breath of fresh air. “You say that about every place with plants.”

Beldin shoved Kham and Sebastian’s heads down. “Down!”

Crossbow bolts whistled past them. One tore a jagged rent in Sebastian’s robes. Another pinned itself in the folds of Kham’s overcoat.

Beldin reached behind him and unlatched his battleaxe from the strap across his back. With one smooth motion, he brought it up in time to block a hulking hobgoblin’s scimitar.

“Goblins!” snarled Beldin. “Get behind me!”

Kham drew two of his pistols. “There’s not enough room behind you!” [MORE]


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