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Tuesday, January 20

Songs: Part 5 – Sins of the Father

“Now that’s a manor,” said Kham.

The manor of Venton Zasfar had few equals. A black iron fence surrounded the mansion grounds. At the gate entrance were two ten-foot high marble columns topped by black gargoyle statues. Beldin peered at them curiously.

“Well made,” he said. As an afterthought, he added. “They’re not real gargoyles though.”

They reached the front door. The guard bid them to stop while he let Venton know of their arrival.

Moments later, a raspy voice yelled obscenities at the guard.

The guard returned, pale. “He will see you now. Please know that he is not in the best of moods.”

Kham pushed past him. “Yeah, we got that.” [MORE]


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