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Wednesday, January 21

Songs: Part 6a – Dead Man Talking

As they made their way towards the warehouse, the streets were relatively empty.

“It seems the incident in the Splintered Oak has left a lingering fear in the populace,” said Beldin.

Aside from the burning lanterns they passed every so often, there was no other light to guide their way. The unsettling silence only reinforced the desolation.

A tiny bat crawled out of the folds of Sebastian’s robes. He whispered to it and the bat flitted off into the darkness.

A couple of moments later it returned. The bat chattered at him.

“Dracuul says that the two lanterns nearest here have been shattered. Someone wants it dark here.”

“Do you actually understand that thing?” asked Kham.

Sebastian looked offended. “Of course. And he understands me perfectly.”

Skiz popped his head out of the extradimensional satchel where Kham kept most of his pistols. “Talking rodents,” said the talking rat. “Go figure, eh boss?”

“Very funny,” said Kham. [MORE]


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