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Friday, January 23

Songs: Part 6c – Dead Man Talking

Lady Sounshay and three town guardsmen attended to Beldin’s wounds.

Kham pulled Sebastian aside. “We need to talk.” He handed Sebastian Augustus’ note.

Lady Sounshay joined them. “What happened here?”

Kham jabbed a thumb in the direction of the warehouse. “I found that note on Augustus’ body, in there.”

Sebastian scanned the letter. “Venton and Anulee were having a secret affair.” His features slowly twisted in rage. ”She used a visiting dark-kin as an excuse to break up with Venton. In retaliation, Venton blackmailed Anulee into blaming the dark-kin for the murder of a town guard.”

“I remember that.” The implications dawned on her. “The dark-kin was executed for that crime!”

“That dark-kin was Lantross.” Sebastian’s face was red. “Lantross Arnyal. My father.” He handed Sounshay the note. “Just before he was executed, he had another visitor. Lantross’ brother…my uncle.” [MORE]


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