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Saturday, January 24

Songs: Part 7 – Dead Man Talking

They raced to the Splintered Oak. It was empty except for the bartender who was doing inventory of his supplies.

“Great Saluwe’!” said the bartender as they entered. “Is everybody in such a hurry tonight?”

“What do you mean?” asked Sebastian.

“Well, I saw one of those Marokene bodyguards come in here after his walk and go up the stairs same as he did every other time. A few minutes later, I saw Anulee racing down the stairs, practically stumbling over her feet and out the door faster than I could blink. Then, the same Marokene bodyguard came back down the stairs just as quickly and went out the door. Then I heard the horses get restless and the sound of the carriage taking off.”

Kham drew his pistols. “Not good.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 12:22 PM

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