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Sunday, January 25

Songs: Part 8a – Dark Vengeance

Beldin’s axe and shield were out. “I cannot allow you to harm her. She must face justice; even human justice, as flawed as it might be, is better than petty vengeance.”

“So be it.” Aglamar stepped away from Anulee. “I should warn you I am a shaman of the wolf. The powers at my disposal are more formidable than you can imagine.”

“I was a titan once,” snarled Beldin. “Your magic holds no secrets.” And with that he charged forward.

A huge black hound the size of a man slammed into Beldin as he passed the tree where Anulee was held captive. He rolled to his feet to face it.

“Meet Raze, my pet,” said Aglamar. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:26 PM

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