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Monday, January 26

Songs: Part 8b – Dark Vengeance

Sebastian raised his hands, palms open, towards Aglamar.

The shaman lifted a finger. “You may not want to do that. You might hurt your precious elf.” He pointed at Anulee. The tree she hung from took a shuddering step forward, its roots ripped from its moorings.

Kham’s pistols were out. “I don’t care if he’s your uncle, I’m going to just shoot him in the head.”

They dove in different directions as a huge tree limb swatted at them.

“I can’t stop this tree without hitting the girl!” shouted Sebastian.

Kham jumped backwards as the tree took another clumsy swipe at him. “I think I can fix that.” He holstered his pistols. “When I give you the signal, you do what you do best.” [MORE]


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