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Wednesday, January 28

Songs: Part 8c – Dark Vengeance

As they entered the town, a host of guardsmen escorted Anulee to the local prison. Inside, Kuros was standing next to Lady Sounshay. A guard stood behind them, holding a squirming and angry Venton in his grasp. As Anulee entered, Kuros’ eyes flashed with fury.

”Please take Anulee to the first holding room,” said Lady Sounshay. “Have Venton put in the second. When I call for each one, bring them to me.” With that, the guards took them both away.

Sounshay addressed Sebastian. “Kuros and I have discussed what to do with both Anulee and Venton. The laws of Milandir are not toys to manipulate for their convenience. However, we felt that because you are Landross’ son, you should have a say. What form of punishment do you think they deserve?”

Sebastian took a deep breath. “Banishment for Anulee. Since she loves this place dearly, so banishment should be a fitting punishment. As for Venton…he should be executed.”

Lady Sounshay called for the guards to bring in Anulee.

“We have discussed your part in this matter and come to a decision. Perjury is a serious offense, especially when it leads to the unjust execution of an innocent man. He may have been dark-kin,” Sounshay looked at Sebastian, “but in Postrava at least, we judge the soul of a man by his actions, not his blood.” [MORE]


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