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Friday, January 9

Songs: Prologue

“I don’t understand,” asked Kham again. “Why are we in Postrava?”

Vlad shrugged. “Duke Adolphos feels that the recent raids in Milandir are a potential problem for Moratavia as well. He wants me to deal with it.”

“That doesn’t explain why I’m here. Or the elf.”

“Ilmarė wanted to go,” said Vlad with a shrug. “She went on ahead of us. I also sent word for Sebastian and Beldin to meet us there. As for you,” he flashed Kham a smile, “you’re here because you’re my friend.”

Kham rolled his eyes.

They stopped talking as they approached the periphery of the town. Two guardsmen in leather armor, carrying longswords and short bows, met them.

“Welcome to Postrava. May I ask your business in our fair city?”

Vlad leaned forward. “Business and pleasure my friend. I’m Vlad Martell, Bailiff for Duke Adolphos val’Tensen. Kham is a friend of mine. I’m here to see the Lady Sounshay val’Dellenov regarding a matter of great urgency.”

With this, he handed the guard a writ with Lady Sounshay’s personal seal. The guard reviewed it carefully.

“Praised be the will of Saluwe’. We could certainly use your help against those blasted goblins.” With that, he let them pass.

After about five minutes of travel within the town limits, they came to a stop. Ahead was a curious sign that read, “Splintered Oak Tavern and Inn.” It was carved out of a dead tree trunk about six feet high and three feet in diameter.

“Not a fancy town, is it?” observed Kham.

The buildings and structures of Postrava were not as elegant as those in Tralia. The people dressed more casual, and the clothing they wore was not as expensive or luxurious. It was a rustic community with a humble atmosphere about it.

A woman in green robes with autumn-colored symbols of Saluwe’ waited for them at the door. Her robes had a mistletoe and nightshade design on it. She was quite slender and tall at nearly six feet, with hair as dark as night.

She saw Vlad and smiled. “Greetings again, old friend. I almost thought you would miss the show, but thankfully you made it just in time.”

Kham arched an eyebrow as he looked back and forth between the two of them. For once he kept his mouth shut. [MORE]


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