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Tuesday, February 24

And Madness Followed: Part 2b – Lamid

Once they entered the town commons, things took a turn for the worse. Within, buildings were vandalized, signs and doors torn down, lanterns smashed on the cobblestones, and litter strewn throughout. Worst was the bodies. Dozens lay dead in various states of wholeness. Body parts lay in gutters or hung from broken windows. Corpses festered in tangled heaps, in many cases bearing signs of cannibalism.

Beldin peered into a ruined building. The dark shadow of a tentacled thing was hunched over something red and wet.

The amphitheater itself was in ruins. Seats were torn apart and bodies lay strewn everywhere. The central stage was recessed into the ground and it was filled with brackish, bloody water in which more corpses floated. Here and there, the Yellow Sign glared from buildings and walls, applied with yellow paint in some cases, blood in others, and still others crudely carved into wooden walls by knives or fingernails.

Down in the amphitheater, standing in fouled water up to his knees, was the mayor. He ranted and raved, pacing violently around the flooded center of the amphitheater, waving his arms and frothing at the mouth.

“He chose some, they are his children now!” he shouted.

“Get ready.” Kham had his pistols out. [MORE]


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