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Monday, February 23

Blood & Brains: The Zombie Hunter's Guide

REVIEWS [out of 5]
  • ENWorld [++++-]
  • ENWorld [++++-]
  • ENWorld [++++-]
  • Flames Rising [+++--]
  • GamingReport [+++++]
  • RPG.net [+++++]
  • RPGNow [+++++]
  • RPGNow [++++-]
  • RPGNow [+++++]
  • RPGNow [+++++]
  • RPGNow [+++++]
  • RPGNow [+++++]
  • RPGNow [+++++]
  • RPGNow [+++++]
  • RPGNow [+++--]
  • RPGNow [++++-]
  • RPGNow [+++++]
  • RPGNow [++++-]
  • RPG Resource [++++-]
  • SciFi411 [++++-]
  • Silven Crossroads [+++--]
  • TOTAL: 4.3
    Purchase: RPG Now
    Author: Michael Tresca
    Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Modern Sourcebook)
    Cover Artist: Jeremy Simmons
    Suggested Retail Price: $6.95
    Format: .PDF
    Publisher: RPG Objects

    zombie (ZOM-bee): n. 1. According to voodoo belief, a supernatural power that can enter into and reanimate a corpse. 2. A corpse revived in this way. 3. One who looks or behaves like an automaton. 4. Target practice.

    Our professionals at the National Center for Reanimation Prevention and Control (NCRPC) have done all the hard work so you don't have to - chopping, hacking, chainsawing, and blasting the bloody gibbets off of the shambling undead, all to make your life a little easier. If you've got a case of the zombie blues, this book's the cure.

    Blood and Brains: The Zombie Hunter's Guide is a d20 Modern supplement full of zombie hunting goodness, including:

    So what are you waiting for? Grab your shotgun and your axe and start the dezombification process in your local town today!

    "For less than $7 you are getting your hands on a product of such quality that it should in all rights be out there in a softbound book in your local games store, sitting up there with Call of Chuthlu, OGL Horror and All Flesh Must Be Eaten," said Marc Farrimond at Gaming Report. "I have reviewed many fine products in PDF format over the years and although I have recommended many I feel that I cant recommended this product enough, a mere review does not do it justice."


    posted by Michael Tresca at 9:32 PM

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