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Monday, February 23

Blood & Spooks: The Ghost Hunter's Guide

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  • TOTAL: 3.9
    Purchase: RPG Now
    Author: Michael Tresca
    Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Modern Sourcebook)
    Cover Artist: Jeremy Simmons
    Suggested Retail Price: $6.95
    Format: .PDF
    Publisher: RPG Objects

    Do you want to make more money hunting ghosts?

    Sure, we all do! With our easy to read Ghost Hunter's Guide, you too can become a Ghost Hunter in just under one hour. That's right, one hour!

    Armed with the Ghost Hunter's Guide, you can learn such professions as antiques dealer, circus performer, escape artist, fortuneteller, ghost hunter driver, ghost hunter president, ghost hunter secretary, ghost hunter tactical leader, ghost hunter technician, ghost hunter treasurer, ghost hunter vice-president, journalist, mystic, psychic, psychic investigator, or stage magician. You can also earn your degree by taking one of our advanced classes, including arcanist, clairvoyant, exorcist, geomancer, ghost hunter, medium, parapsychologist, and skeptic.

    Everywhere, people are dying and rising up as ghosts. These ghosts are in desperate need of capturing and only you can help. Thanks to the International Center for Ethereal Containment and Control (ICECC), we now have the technology to trap ghosts and can lend it to you for a very low fee. With your purchase of the Ghost Hunter's Guide, you can rent our amazing electron packs for just five dollars an hour and start hunting ghosts in no time!

    Blood and Spooks: The Ghost Hunter's Guide is a d20 Modern supplement that includes:


    Buy a copy of the Ghost Hunter's Guide and we'll also include a ghost container. With ghost containers, ghosts check in, but they can't check out.

    Ghosts are the enemy that we all must fight. So please, call and buy your copy of the Ghost Hunter's Guide today!

    "Blood and Spooks is a great addition to Blood and Brains," said Crothian at ENWorld. "The tone is lighthearted at times and makes the book a good read as well as a good RPG supplement."


    posted by Michael Tresca at 9:32 PM

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