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Monday, February 23


Type: Non-Fiction (Review)
Publisher: Gamers.com
Discussion: Gamers.com PC Board

Gamers.com is a games portal that hopes to be the single and central location for you to locate any information related to gaming across the Web. They have information on well over 20,000 games - with more being added every day - and each game in their colossal database features links to dozens upon dozens of resources. They've separated the games into three types; Computer Games - those requiring a PC or Mac to play; Video Games - including console, arcade, classic, and handheld games; and Unplugged Games - encompassing role-playing, war, traditional, party, kids, dice, and board games.

I was a staff writer for Gamers.com, specifically MUD news. MUDs aren't considered important enough to warrant their own section, so they're grouped under Computer Games > Web -- even though MUDs are very rarely Web-based. I wrote mostly about new MUDs or MUD applications, and just about anything else of value to the MUD community.

Then the company had to make cuts and I was dismissed. The end.


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:37 PM

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