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Monday, February 23

Iron Kingdoms Character Guide

REVIEWS [out of 5]
  • Amazon.com [+++++]
  • Amazon.com [+++++]
  • Amazon.com [+++++]
  • Amazon.com [+++++]
  • Amazon.com [+++++]
  • Amazon.com [+++++]
  • Amazon.com [+++++]
  • d20 Filtered [++++-]
  • ENWorld [++++-]
  • ENWorld [++++-]
  • Gaming Report [+++++]
  • Time-Waster's Guide [+++++]
  • Silven Crossroads [+++++]
  • Wellred Press [++++-]
  • TOTAL: 4.7
    Purchase: Amazon.com
    Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Supplement)
    Cover Artist: Matt Wilson
    Interior Artists: Brian Dugan, Jeremy Jarvis, Torstein Nordstrand, Brian Snoddy, Matt Wilson
    Suggested Retail Price: $39.99
    Format: Hardcover
    Pages: 360
    Publisher: Privateer Press
    ISBN: 0-9706970-6-6
    Discussion: Iron Kingdoms: Character Guide Forum

    The Iron Kingdoms Character Guide (IKCG) is the long-awaited guidebook to the world that started the craze with its radical departure from fantasy-as-usual! Privateer Press struck a chord when they presented the land of the Iron Kingdoms, with its battle-hardened characters girded in scarred mail, wielding saw-toothed sword and smoking flintlock, and steamjacks belching ash smoke both in the cities and on the battlefields. Now, get the official guide that details the award-winning campaign world of the Iron Kingdoms. Create new and exciting characters and classes, learn about the various races and ethnic groups of western Immoren, find out the essentials on the world's cosmology and religions, and discover loads of important information how magic and mechanika works in this realm that fuses steam power with the arcane.

    This is a staggering new age where everything is is happening, one that embodies the expression: "Full Metal Fantasy!" No other campaign world comes close and with this guide you've taken the first step in creating your own Iron Kingdoms campaign.

    I contributed the following to the Character Guide:

    "This is the best d20 product of 2004," said Nash J. DeVita at Silven Crossroads. "It is very hard to find such an original setting or concept that is so well written, priced so well for the page count, and with illustrations that are so well drawn and perfectly fitting for the setting."


    posted by Michael Tresca at 9:30 PM

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