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Monday, February 23

Mercenaries: Born of Blood

REVIEWS [out of 5]
  • ENWorld [++++-]
  • ENWorld [+++--]
  • ENWorld [+++--]
  • RPGShop [++++-]
  • TOTAL: 3.5
    Purchase: Amazon.com
    Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Supplement)
    Cover Artist: Kieran Yanner and R. Hyrum Savage
    Interior Artists: Samuel Araya, Paul Carrick, Jeremy Dale, Quinn Devlaeminck, Steve Miller, Chris Seaman, David Schrader and Derek Stevens
    Suggested Retail Price: $27.99
    Format: Softcover
    Pages: 192
    Publisher: OtherWorld Creations
    Discussion: Mercenaries Forum
    Preview: Otherworld Creations

    You've tasted blood before, whether it was yours or others; it's all the same. It runs hot, dark and sticky as it falls to the ground in an endless torrent. There have been plenty of weapons, armor and men left broken on nameless battlefields -- but do you care? No. Why should you when you're the one left standing?

    It comes down to two very important things... first is survival and second is collecting your pay for services rendered. Paladins and heroes do it for the 'greater good', you're just in it for the payoff. After all, you're not doing this for free are you?

    Mercenaries: Born in Blood explores mercenaries throughout "real-world" history, how they've been used in fiction, tips for using them in your game, new feats, skills, and prestige classes, as well as six samples for use in a fantasy game, two for use in a pulp/modern game, and two for use in a sci-fi game. It also includes:

    "If you're looking for more material for your campaign, fantasy, historical, modern or far future, " said Joe Kushner at ENWorld. "that focuses in on the Mercenary mold, than Born of Blood is your book."


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