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Monday, February 23

Pac-Man Poetry

For some reason, somebody decided to put a poem in with the instructions of the old Atari 800 version of Pacman. For some other reason, I decided to write it down.

Much to my horror, this one piece of trivia has not been added to the Internet. Therefore, I have transcribed it here, lest it be forgotten. And with so much other crap on the Internet, we all know what a crying shame it would be if such fabulous poetry were to be forgotten.

Ahem. And without further ado...

These tasty bonus nuggets are valuable prizes.
Clear out the maze and their value rises.
Every half-minute they're yours for free,
But you've got just eight seconds to grab one and flee.

Two big lips smacking in the middle of your face,
Chomping on those dots to stay ahead in this race.
Stay ahead of those goblins, cause they're trouble no doubt.
Get yourself nabbed just three times and you're out.

But there's good news for you when you rack up the score!
Reach 10,000 points and you get one turn more!
Bite an energy dot and the goblins turn blue
And that means 50 more points for you.

It's also your chance to turn the table
So case those goblins and bite while you're able.
The more goblins you grab, the more points you score.
200, 400, 800, then more!

But when they start blinking, you better turn track,
'Cause that's when the goblins true colors come back.
The goblins are coming, they're on the attack, man.
You like to chomp dots, but they like chomping PAC-MAN.

Blinky is fastest, so watch where he goes.
Pinky is sneakier than anyone knows.
Inky has quite a few tricks up his cape.
Clyde cuts you off so there's just not escape.

There's plenty of dots in the goblin neighborhood!
And at 10 points each, they're lip-smacking good!


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:52 PM

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