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Monday, February 23

Scrollworks Presents: Characters & Locations

REVIEWS [out of 5]
TOTAL: 4.5
Purchase: RPG Now!
Cover Artist: Christopher Shy
Interior Artists: Christopher Shy
Authors: David Goodner, Michael Hammes, Nicholas Jobidon, Patrick J.P. Lawinger, Martin Leuschen, Eric Lofgren, Liz Rich, James Stubbs, Dan Taylor, Ian Thompson, John Toppe, Michael Tresca, and Christian Walker
Suggested Retail Price: $5.95
Format: PDF
Pages: 55
Publisher: Ronin Arts

Scrollworks is the print ‘zine for D20! This PDF collects characters, magic items, and locations from the pages of Scrollworks 14-29 and presents them to you in an easy-to-use format. Over twenty characters, seven “modest magics,” and seven locations (complete with maps) are packed together within 55 landscape pages. Various connections between the different characters and locations make it an easy matter to drop the contents of this PDF into your campaign, instantly adding a new level of depth to your games. The layout of the characters and locations is done in a manner that, for the most part, the GM need only print one or two pages to use the selected character or location in a game session. Some characters and locations cover more pages.

I wrote two characters for Scrollworks that were later included in this product: Amberyll the Thief-Taker and Loesung the Vampire Hunter.

"I'll be using the material to help supplement the 'background' elements of my world," said Joe G. Kushner at ENWorld, "and looking forward to other compilations of this material with a hope that we'll see some more utility put into the product for uses other than those perhaps intended by the user."


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