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Tuesday, February 24

See No Evil: Part 5 – Day Five

“How’s our boy doing today?” asked Hammer, sounding bored. “Jim-Bean just reported that Hames got in.”

Archive couldn’t hear the other responses. “Not much,” he reported. “Drinkwater didn’t hit the bookstores today, just reading the paper and … hold up, he’s on the move.”

Archive followed Drinkwater to a public phone. He couldn’t hear the conversation.

Then Drinkwater headed for Greenwich Village. He met a personable young man at an apartment building there, and the two of them went out to a pub for a drink. They talked for several hours.

Archived reported back in. “I think …” Archive struggled with the words. “I think Drinkwater’s out on a date.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:30 AM

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