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Friday, February 27

See No Evil: Part 7b – Climax

Archive pointed at the German for a third time. He was just a few yards away. “'Bthnk! Ftaghu! Fhtagn!”

The German froze. It wouldn’t last long.

Archive caught a glimpse of what was in the German’s other hand. It was a grenade.

He screwed up his courage and closed the distance. The German had already pulled the pin on the grenade. He was holding the lever tightly, a dead man’s switch.

Archive slowly put his fist around the German’s. His flesh was unnaturally cold.

He slipped the grenade out from the German’s grip, retaining the pressure on the handle. Great, now he had a live grenade in his hand.

Archive looked around. He couldn’t throw it outside with the crowd. He couldn’t leave it inside. And he had only a few seconds before the spell wore off.

The bathroom! Archive sprinted to the men’s room.

He kicked open a stall and dropped the grenade into the toilet.

“What the hell buddy?” shouted a man in the stall next to him. He had just finished zipping up his pants and was opening the stall when Archive grabbed him by the collar.

“Out!” shouted Archive. He hurled the man ahead of him out into the lobby of the meeting center. [MORE]


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