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Monday, February 23

Survival Kit #2

Suggested Retail Price: $3.50
Format: PDF
Publisher: Spectre Press

Just in time for Halloween, Spectre Press releases Survival Kit #2. A collection of tools, props and material for your fantasy horror game, Survival Kit #2 focuses on the walking dead. From skeletons to ghouls, vampires to zombies, the undead rule in Survival Kit #2. Survival Kit #2 contains the following:

The Veiled Knight: A demon cast from the pit of Hell, the Veiled Knight is a villain guaranteed to challenge your players. The Veiled Knight includes full Phantom statistics and a Disposable Undead paper miniature.

Silver Bullet - The Grimmgaunt: A new and powerful magic item, the Grimmgaunt allows its user to command undead with alarming power. Full Phantom statistics are provided for this impressive and frightening magic totem.

Thrilling Tales - Horror in Havilar: A heinous murderer is stalking the streets of Havilar, murdering his victims and tearing off their faces. Is the mysterious Opera Ghost behind the murders, or is there something equally menacing attacking from the shadows? Horror in Havilar is a fantasy adventure with maps, Disposable Undead, and full Phantom statistics.


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