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Monday, February 23

The Wyvern's Library

Type: Fiction (Short Stories)
Publisher: The Wyvern's Library
Discussion: The Wyvern's Library Yahoo Group

At the Wyvern's Library writers from all over the world gather their fiction to allow for public viewing and comments. What all of these stories and poems have in common is their foundation on imagination. They look at fantastic worlds, strange new futures, and the other sides of reality. Many are works-in-progress.

This is where you will find my stories on the Web. All of them. I mean it. I'm posting them all. It'll probably take a few months (if not years) but all my stories that I'm not trying to get published in magazines will find a home here, including the Lamech and Ashley novel I mentioned in Talien's history.


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:39 PM

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