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Wednesday, March 4

Boom Goes the Dynamite Revisited

So we all know about Brian Collins of Boom Goes the Dynamite.

This video purpotedly explains the origin of the phrase. SPOILER: He thought it up as trash talk during a game of Mario Kart. Great.

However, the narrator of this puff piece then rambles on about how "Mario Kart" was incorrectly transcribed as "Mario Cards." That's just plain hilarious, right?

Except the narrator then goes on to state that by confusing "Kart" with "Cards," Collins will be "forever associated...with images of 15-sided die and dark and lonely basements. As if Collins needed more bad publicity."

WTF dude. First of all, there isn't a 15-sided die. Second, dice have nothing to do with card games. Third, there's something cruely ironic about a snarky narrator posting a YouTube slam about a major news organization getting its facts wrong, when said narrator can't get HIS OWN FACTS STRAIGHT.

Seriously, you couldn't spend five seconds on Google to at least make the slam accurate? It's a 20-sided die! READ A BOOK!


posted by Michael Tresca at 1:08 PM

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