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Monday, March 2

Brothers: Part 1 – Reunion

The Widow’s Stone was a well-known taverna in the city. Though the bleak weather made outside drinking and dining out of the question, the taverna had a central fire to warm chilled bones and a large supply of Savonan Red.

Vlad’s back was to the doorway when they entered, but he was unmistakable. The big man had a mane of black curly hair that he only occasionally cut. It was short now, as he had been pressed into military service only recently.

He turned at the sound of the dwarf entering the room.

“Vlad!” shouted Beldin. The usually gruff dwarf’s features flashed a smile. “You’re back!”

Vlad hopped up from his seat and gave the dwarf a bearhug. “It’s good to see you!” He smiled at Sebastian. “And you too Sebastian.”

Sebastian smiled and grabbed a seat. “How are you?”

“He’s grown a beard too!” Beldin looked like a proud father.

“I just got back from the goblin uprising in Milandir,” said Vlad. “Things seem to have settled down, but there was some mention of a rift? Something about the King’s Players…” he trailed off, looking at Sebastian uncertainly.

“Yes,” Sebastian began. “We…we closed the rift to Carcosa.”

“I didn’t realize my father had been framed.” Vlad looked down at the table. “But now his soul is at peace, and the real killer is seeing justice.”

They were silent for a moment. Paulo cleared his throat. [MORE]


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