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Wednesday, March 4

Brothers: Part 3 – Villiers’ Studio

Inside was a big, high-ceilinged space. It was dimly lit, but had stall windows and a skylight. The sun had set and the radiance from the moon and stars fell in patterns down on the floor and up the walls.

Thomas crossed to one side of the room. He lit an oil lamp and then a couple of candles.

The illumination revealed a jumble of easels, paints, palettes, brushes and so on, along with many finished and unfinished canvasses.

Thomas got the grappa and some glasses. He cleared some armchairs and a big old sofa of some sketches. “Please, sit.”

“You have some amazing paintings,” said Sebastian carefully. The paintings were abstract, dark, and very bold, in the shades of maroon, scarlet, black, and silver. They were skillfully executed, if not to everyone’s taste.

Thomas continued to talk. “I really do admire Livius. I’m sorry I couldn’t go with him. I’m honored to have called them brothers. As the Brothers of the Yellow Sign, we believe that the trinity of Illiir, Nier, and Larissa are actually other deities, older gods. The parallels are many and obvious.”

Vlad stood up and walked over to one of the paintings. There was a piece of paper pinned to an easel near him. Words and names jump out. One of them was, “The King in Yellow.” It was a description of a planned treatment.

Thomas looked over at Vlad. He stopped talking.

“Is everything all right?” asked Sebastian. [MORE]


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