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Thursday, March 5

Brothers: Part 4 – The Angel

Out of the unimaginable blackness beyond the gangrenous glare of the moonlight, there flopped rhythmically a hybrid, winged thing that no sound eye could ever wholly grasp, or sound brain ever wholly remember. It was not altogether crow, nor mole, nor buzzard, nor ant, nor vampire bat, nor decomposed human being; but something in Sebastian’s mind recoiled at the mere sight. It flopped limply along, half with its webbed feet and half with its membranous wings.

“Byakhee!” shouted Beldin.

“The same one that flew Livius to safety!” shouted Sebastian.

Vlad rammed the double doors and bounced off them. “He locked us in!”

“Good,” Beldin whirled on the thing. “It’s not going to get away this time!” He barreled towards the byakhee. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:08 AM

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