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Sunday, March 1

Brothers: Prologue

The day was overcast as a carriage brought Sebastian and Beldin into the center of Sweet Savona. Small, crowded streets characterized the area. Fine old palaces and apartments could be found there, as could most of the good tavernas.

A tall, slim, and handsome man approached.

“You’re not Kham,” said Beldin. The dwarf’s fingers flexed, ready to grab the axe across his back at any moment.

He was clean-shaven, with short dark hair and a strong jaw. He was dressed in a well-cut black outfit and shoes. He held himself erect and seemed a little stiff and formal.

“Hello signori,” the man bowed his head slightly. “My name is Paulo Tuminardo. I will be your guide here in Sweet Savona.”

“Where’s Kham?” asked Sebastian. The dark-kin was a little less tense his dwarven companion, but still kept his arms by his sides should he need to cast a spell.

Paulo held up one hand. “Ah yes, you must be looking for him. I apologize, my services have been secured by Domina Luca Gracchi—”

“You’re not answering the question,” said Beldin. [MORE]


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