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Tuesday, March 24

Chapter 35: Player of Hell - Introduction

This story hour is from the scenario “Player of Hell” by Michael C. LaBossiere. You can read more about Delta Green at http://www.delta-green.com. Please note: This story hour contains spoilers!

I wanted to continue the undead-battling goodness from No Man’s Land so that Archive could continue to shine. I also knew that two of my players would be late, so I figured that in and came up with a quick scenario that wouldn’t take too long but would keep the group entertained. It also was uniquely suited to their talents: supernatural (Archive), surveillance (Caprice), and combat (Hammer).

This is a standard vampire hunt, with a slight tweak because it’s a vrykolakas. This meant that the agents weren't entirely sure what they were facing going in. On the other hand, when I gave them a prop that clearly explained the vrykolakas' strengths and weaknesses, they pretty much ignored it – perhaps because in a Cthulhu campaign, a vampire is never just a vampire. Both Caprice and Hammer flatly didn't believe that Mays was really being stalked by a vampire, so they took none of the advice until they had evidence it was the real deal.

Ultimately, this little scenario was actually the most exciting of the three. There were a hilarious turn of events, poor planning overcome by brute force, and a climactic scene in the vampire's lair.

This is all a setup for another scenario -- it reintroduces Simon Magnus, last seen in Chapter 0. The famous vampire hunter now has his own television show! To get an idea of how I imagine Magnus, think of V. V. Argost from the Secret Saturdays. [MORE]


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