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Monday, March 23

A Love in Need: Conclusion

That night, the news showed an aerial shot of a structure, a roadside motel, sitting along a side road, surrounded by a vast, empty, brown wasteland. The image trembled from the rumble of helicopter blades whirling.

Several news vans, police cars, and ambulances were parked around the blackened motel. People milled about the scene. Behind the motel, a backhoe tore into the ground. Cops circled the back-hoe, digging with shovels.

”This is a live shot of the Prairie View Motel, in the eastern side of McKinley County,” said a newscaster. “We've been told police have been working out here for several hours, but the details we're getting from them are sketchy at best. What we do know is that they've borrowed some equipment from a local farmer, and started digging in the rear of the property. What they're looking for though, we're not exactly sure.”

The camera shakily zoomed in on the backhoe. As the machine dragged its teeth out of the earth and rose into the air, a dirt-covered corpse hung from the metal claw.

”Oh, God!” shouted the newscaster. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:25 AM

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