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Thursday, March 12

A Love in Need: Part 1 – The Motel

The Prairie View motel was a one-story, L-shaped structure. A rustic portico ran the length of the front, affording sheltered access to each of the twelve units and the office. A primer painted pickup truck sat outside the office, under a "$19.00 A NIGHT" sign that hung over the office screen door. Above that was a crooked "VACANCY" sign.

A bell above the screen door of the office jingled as Hammer entered.

The tiny wood-paneled room had several security video monitors on the walls behind the desk. The image of Hammer entering the office filled the screens.

Around the room, a few stock scenery pictures hung on the wall and a stuffed jack-a-lope, a rabbit with glued-on antlers, rested on the counter. At the rabbit's feet was a desk bell, with a sign: RING ME.

Hammer rang the bell.

There was some rustling, then a man with a nametag identifying him as Kraygen appeared from the back room. He was in his forties, five-foot nothing and a hundred thirty pounds in his sweaty t-shirt and jeans.

He caught a glimpse of Archive carrying the bloody Andrews in a fireman’s carry towards the motel. "Jesus, what happened?" [MORE]


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