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Saturday, March 21

A Love in Need: Part 10 – What’s Up Doc?

The three agents closed in on Room 9. The curtains were closed.

Archive covered the door with his pistol. Hammer grabbed a chair from one of the other rooms.

Jim-Bean rolled his eyes. “What are you doing, mate? It’s a bloody hotel room. It’s not that big!”

Hammer ignored him and hurled the chair through the glass window.

Glass shattered. Hammer caught a glimpse of Kliss, her arms and legs bound to a chair, her mouth covered with duct tape. There was a rope wrapped around the leg of the chair leading towards the door. Kliss shook her head violently, tears streaming from her eyes.

Jim-Bean grabbed the handle of the door. “We can just walk right through the front—“

“NO! WAIT!“ shouted Hammer. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:20 AM

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