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Friday, March 13

A Love in Need: Part 2 – The Room

“Crikes, this is rough,” whispered Jim-Bean, looking around.

The room, if it could be called that, had stained shag carpet. There were torn farm animal print curtains. Cigarette holes were burned into the paisley bedspread draped across the bed. Artificial plants hung in the corners of the room.

Archive rushed Andrews into the bathroom and placed him in the tub. The bathroom was no better. It had a broken tile floor, a rusty faucet and a water-stained commode.

Archived turned on the faucet. Brown water splashed out, gushing several roaches out with it. The bugs scurried around the sink and then slither down the drain.

“Anyone have a first aid kit?” shouted Kliss. “He’s in shock, he’s losing blood.”

“We just happen to have one,” said Jim-Bean. He tossed a rucksack onto the bed.

Archive tore it open and ran back into the bathroom. He snapped on a pair of plastic gloves. Then Archive peeled back Andrews’ shirt, causing blood to weep copiously into the tub.

“That doesn’t look good,” he said to Kliss. The look on her face confirmed his diagnosis. [MORE]


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