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Sunday, March 15

A Love in Need: Part 4 – The Prisoner

The motel room was illuminated by a police cruiser. The flashing lights were eerie in the rain. An athletic, middle-aged man in a sheriff’s uniform stepped out of the sedan. There was a second person in the back of the cruiser.

“You the manager?” he asked Kraygen.

“Yeah?” asked Kraygen nervously.

The stranger carefully held out his police I.D. “Office Tageret. I’m transporting a convict. The law grants you the right to decline us service – but the roads are flooded and I could use a room.”

A muffled cackle came from the back seat of the sedan.

“… it’s an emergency.”

Hammer walked over, flashing his own badge. “Agent Hammer, Counter-Intelligence Field Agency. Who’ve you got there?”

“Jawolalski, Jason Jawolalski.”

Tageret dragged Jawolalski out of the cruiser and over to the room that Kraygen unlocked for him.

Jawolalski’s long black hair was tied in a ponytail. He had brown eyes and a two day’s growth of beard.

“That’s our man,” said Hammer. Jim-Bean joined them from the other room, his arm drenched in blood. “CIFA put out the APB. We’ll take him off of your hands.” [MORE]


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