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Monday, March 16

A Love in Need: Part 5 – What’s in the Box?

The box in the trunk smelled like some type of chemical. The sides were stained from the inside by some kind of bluish fluid.

Jim-Bean moved to pick it up when the box moved. Something was wetly flopping inside the box.

Exchanging a glance with Jim-Bean, Hammer slowly reached out to pick up the box up. It shuddered.

Hammer opened the door to the additional room he had rented from Kraygen.

“Hey!” shouted Jim-Bean to Kraygen, who was standing in the doorway to Dr. Kliss’ room. “You got a fish tank or something?”

“Sure,” said Kraygen. He jogged back to the office and returned with an algae-covered, dried out husk of a fish tank with smelly gravel. “Ain’t had fish in this for years.”

“Thanks.” He took it from Kraygen.

“So what’s in the—“

Jim-Bean closed the door on him. He turned back to Hammer.

Hammer placed the box on the nightstand next to the bed. Jim-Bean placed the fish tank over the box.

“Ready?” asked Jim-Bean.

Hammer nodded. “Ready.”

Jim-Bean focused and stretched one hand towards the box.

It slowly, carefully tore open, seemingly of its own accord. In the darkness, a single eye glittered from the feeble light provided by the single bulb above them.

The thing shuddered. Something wet and pink slithered inside. With a sudden jerk, it twitched its way out of the box. [MORE]


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