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Wednesday, March 11

A Love in Need: Prologue

Hammer turned the windshield wipers on as the storm whipped itself into a frenzy.

“So we flew out here for what again?” asked Jim-Bean, cracking a window so he could blow cigarette smoke out the crack.

“Remember Jason? The guy who gave Lucy Ennis that ‘potion’ that reanimated her dad?”

Jim-Bean rubbed his forehead. “How can I forget.”

“Well Jason Jawolalski was sighted in McKinley. Our job is to pick him up.”

Archive, sitting in the back, chuckled. “So that’s why you brought me?”

Hammer nodded, struggling to see through the downpour. “You did a great job with those Nazi corpses, so I figure if this Jason guy gets creative with his potion you’ll come in handy.”

Jim-Bean flipped on the radio. It reported flood alerts and chimed six o’clock.

“As I recall, the Elder Sign was useless against Henry Ennis—“ began Jim-Bean.

“Elder Signs vary in magical strength,” Archive interjected, cutting him off. “The one I have now is much more powerful.”

“Sure,” said Jim-bean. “Whatever.”

Distracted by the conversation, Hammer glanced up in time to see a silhouette in the path of the car. [MORE]


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