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Thursday, March 26

Player of Hell: Part 1 – Fighting Fire With…

A few hours and a hundred bucks later and the college student in the apartment next to Mays was vacated. Surveillance was placed in every room with wireless cameras. On one of the black-and-white monitors, Mays slept fitfully in his bed.

Caprice and Hammer sat at a folding table and watched the screens while they sipped coffee. Archive sat at a table and flipped through a musty tome.

"According to De Graecorum Hodie Quorundam Opinationibus, the vrykolakas does not lie in its coffin during the day. It feeds on blood like other vampires but when it kills a victim it devours the entire corpse. The noted German metaphysician Hasselberg speculates that the creature does this to prevent to creation of a competitor, and that a victim slain by a vrykolokas will rise again as a vampire."

"Yeah, right," said Caprice. "So we break out the silver bullets and the wooden stake …"

Archive shook his head. "The only thing that has proven to be a reliable means of scourging the creatures is the use of fire."

Caprice yawned and checked his watch. "It's two in the morning. Nothing's happened so far. I'm not even sure why we're doing this mission—"

"It's not a mission," said Hammer. "Think of it as a favor for Archive. He saved my life plenty of times."

Caprice shrugged and went back to blearily staring at the monitors. "Wait a minute!" [MORE]


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