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Friday, March 27

Player of Hell: Part 2 – …With Fire

Caprice squirted the supersoaker and missed completely, soaking the wall. The lighter ignited the stream of flames, setting the curtains on fire. The room was bathed in a hellish light.

Archive held up the leather patch that had the Elder Sign on it. "Behold the power of the Elder Sign!" he shouted.

That got the hag's attention. She shrieked, recoiling as the eye at the center of the Elder Sign opened to stare at her.

She vanished in a puff of smoke, like the witch out of the Wizard of Oz.

Hammer ran into Mays' kitchen and returned with a small fire extinguisher, spraying the room before the flames could spread.

Mays bolted upright, gasping in his bed. "Did you get her?" He looked around and then focused on the wall. "What happened to my wall?"

Caprice pumped the supersoaker several times. "She uh … shoots fire out of her eyes."

"I told you your makeshift flamethrower was a bad idea," muttered Hammer. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:48 AM

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