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Monday, March 30

Serpentine Path: Part 1a – The Hand of Fate

The city of Althre’ was truly a wonder to behold. Althre’ was a mountaintop labyrinth composed of sculpted rock and delicate-looking bridges that stretched for miles, connecting the expanding boundaries of the city. Every building was a function of beauty and utility. Every piece of stone was a carved work of art, every street a wonder.

Sebastian, Beldin, and Vlad had wandered for several days through the city in awe. At first, there seemed to be too many scenic wonders to visit. Kham, delayed for days by his mothers actions, eventually met them there. He acted as their guide, showing them such wonders as the Vault of Memory, the Vault of Utility, one of the Shrines of the Gift, and the Great Library of Althares.

“Normally I’d take you to see the Council of Wisdom,” said Kham with a bit of pride in his voice, “but they’re in session and admittance is forbidden except for official business. I’ve got to go visit the Grand Church of Althares.” He nodded at a restaurant labeled, “The Hand of Fate.” “You can hang out here until I’m finished.”

Kham led the way into the restaurant, only to discover that The Hand of Fate was being used as a wedding reception for a priest of Althares.

“What are those nine owls for?” asked Vlad.

Kham craned his neck while he waited for the restaurant owner to meet them. “Those? That means this is the priest’s ninth wife.”

“Ninth wife!” Sebastian peered into the room with consternation. “Did he kill the other eight?”

Kham smirked. “Worse. He just married them.”

“Nine wives,” said Beldin in disbelief. “Now that’s stamina.” [MORE]


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